The goal in designing the TeleLearning Professional Development School (TL*PDS) has been to investigate what is needed to engage educational professionals and make telelearning practices effective in educational settings. The PDS concept (Holmes Group, 1990) is a comprehensive one, and it is grounded in university-school partnership for practice teaching, professional development, and collaborative research. NCATE's PDS Standards has been a key basic reference in designing and researching on computer-supported collaborative learning spaces dedicated to educators' professional development, namely teachers and workplace telecatalysts.

From 1995-2002, this R & D program has been made possible with the financial support of the federal research funding program, entitled Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) / Réseaux de centres d'excellence (RCE). The Pan-Canadian research team focusing on Educating Educators was originally located in four cities: Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. In each setting, network-enabled classrooms took hold of the pedagogical advantage of telelearning technologies by conducting face-to-face and on-line activities.

Theme leader: Thérèse Laferrière (1998-2002)
Co-theme leader: Nancy Sheehan (1995-1999)
Co-theme leader: Thérèse Laferrière (1995-1999)

Principal investigators (1998-2002)
Alain Breuleux, McGill University,
Gaalen Erikson, University of British Columbia,
Robert Bracewell, McGill University,
Frédéric Legault, Université du Québec à Montréal,
Mary Lamon, OISE/UT,
Marlene Scardamalia, OISE/UT,
Jacques Viens, Université de Montréal, viens@ERE.UMontreal.CA
Richard Hotte, Télé-Université,
Robert Brien, Université Laval,
Ron Owston, York University, ROwston@EDU.YorkU.CA
Tom Carey, University of Waterloo,

Associate researchers (1998-2002)
Fernand Gervais, Université Laval,
Jacques Rhéaume, Université Laval,

Researchers are still conducting research on ICT and learning, and are funded through new research programs such as
Initiative for the New Economy (INE), SSHRC, Canada
INE Outreach
Project leader: Thérèse Laferrière,
Marlene Scardamalia, OISE/UT,
Mary Lamon, OISE/UT,
Jan van Aalst, Simon Fraser University,
INE Collaborative
Project leader: Marlene Scardamalia, OISE/UT,
Thérèse Laferrière,
SSHRC Regular Program
Thérèse Laferrière, project leader
Milton Campos, University of Montreal, milton.campos@UMontreal.CA
Elizabeth Murphy, Memorial University,
SchoolNet Canada and Canadian Education Association,Satellite Multimedia Trials for Schools Evaluation
Thérèse Laferrière, project leader
Elizabeth Murphy, Memorial University,
Ron Owston, York University, ROwston@EDU.YorkU.CA & Herb Wideman, York University
Canarie, EduSource Project, Canada
Tom Carey, Waterloo U,
Ministry of Education and CEFRIO, L'école éloignée en réseau, Quebec
Thérèse Laferrière,
Alain Breuleux, McGill University,



Schools in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia
SchoolNet Canada
CEFRIO, Quebec
Canadian Education Association


June 2003