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Laferrière, T., & Breuleux, A. (2003). Leadership Issues and Challenges in TeleLearning and Teacher Education. Journal of Information Technology and Teacher Education, 11(3), 335-354.

Read about the TeleLearning-PDS in Carl Bereiter (Ed.), Learning Technology Innovation in Canada. A supplement to Journal of Distance Education Special Issue on TeleLearning-NCE Volume 17, Number 3, 2003. See Chapter 6.


Forthcoming Publications
  • Laferrière, T., Breuleux, A., & Erickson, G. (in press). Telecollaborative communities of practice in education within and beyond Canada. In World Education Yearbook, 2004.
  • Laferrière, T., & Breuleux, A. (in press). Designing telelearning teacher communities: A methodology to foster and investigate teachers' practices. In TeleLearning Handbook, edited by Linda Harasim
  • Bracewell, R. J., Breuleux, A., & Le Maistre, C. (in press). The Role of the Teacher in Opening Worlds of Learning with Technology. In B. M. Shore, M. W. Aulls, M. A. B. Delcourt, & F. G. Rejskind (Eds.), Inquiry: Where ideas come from and where they lead. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
  • McAlpine, L., Bracewell, R., and Gandell, T. (in press). Professors' Experiences in Using Commercial Web Course Management Systems. In B. Mann (Ed.), Perspectives in Web Course Management. Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press.
  • Lamon, M., Scardamalia, M., & Laferrière, T. (Accepted). Learning communities : A knowledge building approach. In M. Montane, Learning communities. Universal forum of Cultures. Spain : Barcelona.
  • Erickson, G., Darling, D., Clarke, A, & Mitchell, J. (Accepted). Creating a Community of Inquiry in a Teacher Education Programme. Book chapter.

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    • Lesson learned (on PDSs, use of ICT, scholarship), and viable perspectives on tele-presence, networked classrooms, and ICT as a lever for organizational change (e.g., local anchorage, ecological approaches, enactment of innovative teaching)
    • Virtual practica
    • Specific support tools
    • Partnership with CERIS
    • Participation in SITE 2004
    • Participation in the Universal Forum of Cultures : Barcelona 2004

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