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The distinction between the belief mode and the design mode.

The belief mode is the dominant mode of intellectual life in schools; creative knowledge work requires the design mode. High points in these different modes are: (a) belief mode --persuasion, argument, compromise, and consensus; (b) design mode-- creating and improving a conceptual artifact such as a theory or an inventive idea.

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European CSCL

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Collaborative Science
Profession Development

Assessing Knowledge Building

Researcher Perspective developing pedagogical KB principles in collaboration with Carol Chan

Progressive Problem Solving

Graduate Student Perspective What is the relationship between posing questions and rising above?

Knowledge Builders
  • identify problems of understanding and concepts beyond current comprehension
  • establish and refine goals based on progress
  • identify principles, shared goals, and standards that guide the community's work, and contribute to it
  • engage in discourse that is focused on idea improvement, with all ideas
    --those of the teacher, the learner, the textbook-- treated as improvable
  • These projects are supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada : INE Outreach Grant


    15 Education graduate students
    + Dr. Jan van Aalst--researcher/professor
    + Dr. Carol Chan-researcher/professor
    + Don Sears-teacher
    + Tim Ardenne--teacher
    + several one time visitors

    14 advanced grade 12 students
    + Mr. Eddy Lee-teacher

    HK/SFU Video Conference

    The graduate students at two universities worked collaboratively in both synchronous and asynchronous media to advance the communal understanding of knowledge building.

    Raimondi class discussion
    Students were taught the regular Advanced-Level Geography curriculum and they were asked to deepen and extend their understanding through collaborative problem-centred inquiry in a Knowledge Forum database. Students had some class time to work on the database, but they regularly continued this at home after school.



    Simon Fraser University University of Hong Kong

    Raimondi College, Hong Kong


    The knowledge building perspective.

    physical geography including: desert environment, precipitation, shifting cultivation, and plate tectonics.

    How Knowledge Forum software, video conferencing, separate face-to-face classes
    When 2000 Fall Semester +2001 Spring Semester